If you are planning on taking an active vacation, you may want to consider setting your sights on the state of Maryland. After all, the state is not only beautiful to visit, it offers many opportunities for those who want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. In fact, it may even do so in ways that are not possible in other areas of the United States.

One of the enjoyable part about visiting Maryland is the fact that you can go hiking through the mountains. This may be possible in many parts of the United States but in Maryland, you have some unique opportunities. In fact, you may even want to consider staying for an extended amount of time and trying to tackle one of the harder trails that weaves its way through the state, the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail is approximately 2000 miles long and it weaves its way through the Wilderness from Maine to Georgia. The state of Maryland offers a number of unique opportunities for hiking the Appalachian Trail, as you not only have the beauty of the mountains, you have a considerable amount of history as well. For example, it goes nearby to Harpers Ferry, and you may want to stop by for a visit while you are hiking.

If you do plan on hiking in the state of Maryland, you would want to choose the time of year that you did so carefully. The winter can get quite cold in certain parts of the state and you may end up with some rather difficult weather in the form of snow, sleet or ice. That being said, the summer is often enjoyable and the Autumn or spring are quite beautiful.

There are some reasons why you should be cautious when hiking in Maryland as well. There is some Wildlife that can be found in the woods, including deer and in some locations, even bear. Another problem that you may have are ticks, and they can carry Lyme disease. Just make sure that you wear the appropriate clothing and take measures to help avoid these difficulties.

Regardless of where you look in the state of Maryland, you will find excellent opportunities to go hiking. Take some time to get outdoors while you are on vacation and enjoy your active visit to this beautiful state. It is a trip you will not regret.